Elastic Search Hands-on

More and more systems need search and analytics. While relational databases are great for storing data, problems start happening when needing to implement full-text search. Elasticsearch is a great choice for adding search and analytics capabilities to your application. With more than 6 years of development and a large community, Elasticsearch has become a mature choice with integrations from all major programming languages. This course will give you an introduction to the features and concepts in Elasticsearch. The day will be a combination of theory, examples and hands-on exercises. When we say goodbye, the participants will be able to index data in Elasticsearch and make full-text queries with Search as well as analytics using Aggregations.


Thomas is a freelancer developer and entrepreneur with more than 5 years of Elasticsearch experience. Thomas has been a key player in implementing full-text search at eBay Denmark as well as using Elasticsearch for showing analytics at DONG Energy, a major Danish energy company. Besides his work as a freelancer, Thomas builds and runs elmah.io, an error management system for .NET web applications, also based on Elasticsearch. You can expect lots of hands-on experience from Thomas.

Varighed: 1 dag
Sprog: Dansk/Engelsk
35.000 kr. ekskl. moms, pr. dag maks. 12 personer.

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