Keynote: Making the right decision – testing to make informed decisions on major acquisitions

Imagine going to an area with no cellphone connectivity, and trying to connect with your friends. Now, imagine bullets flying around your head on top of that! The New Zealand Defence Force had to acquire new tactical radios – to ensure voice and data communication in all kinds of terrain, from the thickest jungle to urban environments. With only limited time available, how do you select the right vendor to deliver mission critical communications for the next few decades?

We helped the New Zealand Defence Force design, execute and analyze the tests that form the basis for deciding which vendor shall supply the radios.We will talk about all the geeky stuff that goes into modern tactical radios. We will explain about the hardware, the software and the people involved in the evaluation, and share some of the results we achieved during the test.

Martin Andersen

Architect, Systematic

Martin is a software architect with more than 10 years of experience developing software for mission critical systems within aviation, energy and defence industries. Since 2013 he has worked with Battle Management Systems for a wide range of defence customers, including development, architecture and quality assurance.  Martin has been stationed in New Zealand for a year, supporting the New Zealand Defence force in large scale modernization of their IT infrastructure – including a validation and testing of new solutions.  

Jørgen Lund

Senior Test Manager, Systematic

Jørgen is a senior test manager with more than 10 years of experience in testing and test management. Jørgen has spent his entire career in Systematic, working on the defence products. In addition to testing software, Jørgen has supported customers on-site for exercises, training and solution engineering in their rollout of the software. Jørgen spent 3 months in New Zealand, helping out as a tester and test manager on the project.