Python and Django - Become a happy hacker in two days

Python and Django - Become a happy hacker in two days Abstract​ - Python is not just a scripting language for a quick fix, but is becoming a serious contender to the more established platforms (Java, C++ and C#). Python is a modern Object Oriented programming language. It is simple, effective and powerful, it is easy to start programming and will get you to the goal faster.
Big companies like Google, YouTube, UBER, Bitly and DropBox are all using Python as a main asset in their development toolbox.
Django is a elegant and effective web-framework, written in Python. With a powerful ORM (Object-Relation Mapper), an elegant Template engine and Forms based on Models makes it possible to create advanced websites in a short time.
Both Python and Django have simple, but effective elegance, which makes the both a joy to work with.


Knowledge of another OO language (Java, C#, C++) and some knowledge to web development is required.


Rene Nejsum have worked professional with Python since 1995 (Python version 1.3). He has been working with CPython, PyPy, IronPython (.NET) og Jython (Java). Today Rene is owner of PYLOTS (​​), specialized in Python and Django development.
Rene has also developed the concurrent Python framework PYWORKS (

Varighed: 2 dage
Sprog: Dansk/Engelsk
Pris: 35.000 kr. ekskl. moms pr. dag maks 12 personer.

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