11. juni 2019: Machine Learning - Hands-on lab


11. juni 2019: Machine Learning - Hands-on lab


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Inference vs Learning – A developers guide to Machine learning

This workshop will cover and enlighten the vast ecosystem of what we refer to as Machine Learning. Some questions we will answer is the difference between Inference and Learning, and when one method is more relevant than the other.

We will cover details and implementation of Inference products such as commercial API’s and pre-trained open source models, which are ready to implement in applications, and will later touch upon manual and  automated  hyper-parameter optimization, Transfer Learning,  custom modelling and step-by-step approach to successful Data Science projects.

You should follow this workshop if you have basic understanding and general or direct interest in Machine learning. Then you will discover how to work with Machine Learning and Data Science in a professional and agile way.

Participants can expect to learn

  • Detailed differences between Inference and Learning
  • Implementing pre-trained API’s in the cloud
  • What algorithms to use for specific problems
  • The concepts of Errors and Distributions in Machine Learning
  • Conducting Data Science projects with agility in mind


My name is Nicholai Stålung -  I have a background in econometrics, mathematical modelling and financial technology. I currently work as a Data Scientist and Machine Learning Consultant at Trifork Copenhagen.


Trainer: Nicholai Rasmus Veje Stålung

Duration: 1 day, June 11, from 8.00 - 16.30

Language: English

Location: Stibo, Axel Kiers Vej 11, 8270 Højbjerg

Course materials and meals are included in the price

Terms and conditions can be found here here.