22. juni 2018: Recommender systems - how they can enhance your domain, København

Trifork Academy

22. juni 2018: Recommender systems - how they can enhance your domain, København


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Course Description

Join an intensive one day workshop where the participant gets an opportunity to explore recommender systems and an understanding of what is needed to build one - including the machine learning algorithms used in most recommenders.        
We will look at a website implementation which calculates recommendations based on real data and talk about how the same can be applied to implement similar solutions in different scenarios, based on the participant's domains.                                                                               
A more detailed agenda:
  • What is a recommender?
  • How do you collect data to feed the recommender?
  • How do you process the data?
  • Non-personalized recommendations and shopping basket analysis
  • Recommender Algorithms (Collaborative filtering, Content-based filtering, Matrix factorization)
  • Practical exercise on how to implement a recommender algorithm.
  • How to evaluate the recommender?
Course material: Based on the book "Practical Recommender Systems".                                                                                                                                                                   
Participation Requirements
The workshop is primarily indented towards developers, who are interested in implementing a recommender. We will use a practical approach. There will be math and statistics, but we will keep it at an accessible level. New data scientists could also benefit from this as an introduction to the algorithms and to the infrastructure needed to get them up and running.                                                                                                                                                                
Underviser: Kim Falk Jørgensen
Varighed: 1 dage, kl. 8.30-16.30
Sprog: dansk / englesk
Lokation: Trifork, Borgergade 24B, 1300 København K
Pris: 5.000kr