29.-30. maj 2019: Hands-On-Lab: Containers with Docker, København

Trifork Academy

29.-30. maj 2019: Hands-On-Lab: Containers with Docker, København


10.800,00 kr.

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A two days hands-on workshop with Frederik Mogensen, an experienced Docker developer from Trifork.

In this training, you will go from minimal knowledge about Docker and all the way to running complex microservice applications in a cluster setup.

The workshop will go through a set of hands-on exercises to learn about Docker first-hand.


  • Running containers from prebuild images
  • Writing and building our own images
  • Publishing containers to a container repository
  • Running multiple containers in a virtual network
  • Deploying a full-scale microservice application to a Docker server

Docker Compose

  • Running applications consisting of multiple containers
  • Handling configuration of applications as code

Docker Swarm

  • Creating your own Docker Swarm cluster
  • Deploying applications to a Swarm
  • Scale it out
  • Creating, managing, and updating Docker secrets
  • Logging, network, and deployment strategies

Apart from going through a set of hands-on exercises, we will also discuss different aspects of using Docker and implementing cloud native applications.

  • What problems does Docker seek to solve
  • What problems comes from working on a distributed scalable application
  • Which tools are needed to be successful in a microservice architecture


Docker Level: Beginner to intermediate

Attendee profile:

  • Professional developer, tester or operations person,
  • Basic knowledge of programming
  • Experience with using UNIX command line
  • Basic experience with Linux systems


Underviser: Frederik Mogensen, Trifork
Varighed: 2 dage, kl 8.30-16.30
Sprog: Dansk 
Sted: Trifork, Borgergade 24B, 1300 København K
Pris: 10.800 kr.