AngularDart 2.0: Building web apps like Google does, København

Jana Moudrá

AngularDart 2.0: Building web apps like Google does, København


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Dart is an open source programming language which you can use for building web applications. It gives you a better development workflow, more productivity and faster development. AngularDart is a framework, which you can use for building full-featured web applications with Dart. AngularDart is being used heavily by Google, e.g., in their billion dollar products AdWords and AdSense.
During this workshop, we will take a look on how you can be a very productive developer with the Dart language, it’s tools and ecosystem, and then we directly dive into building great web apps with AngularDart. We will go through Angular’s concepts, take a look at how to create components and how to tie everything together. For the backend side, we will also explore Firebase, a service which provides a “backend without implementing backend” and which you can also use with Dart. 
At the end of the day you will know how to develop web applications with AngularDart, and you will also develop one application during this workshop.
The only requirements for this workshop are elementary skills in programming and HTML, and your own laptop.
Let’s be more productive and build the best web apps with AngularDart together!
Juicymo Co-founder, interested in Dart, HTML5, WebGL, Android and design. Happy event organizer in GDG Prague. When we asked, who is the best qualified person to teach this workshop, Google pointed at Jana Moudrá.
Varighed: 1 dag, Marts 16, fra 8.30 til 16.30

Lokation: Nordea, Strandgade 3, 1401 København K.
Sprog: Engelsk