Cassandra For Developers


Cassandra For Developers


35.000,00 kr.

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In this workshop you will learn essential concepts of Cassandra database such as partitioning, clustering, replication, consistency, as well as medium to advanced topics such as secondary indexes, asynchronous queries, advanced queries with Lucene, and data transformation with Spark. You will write queries in Cassandra Query Language (CQL), manipulate data from Java code, and use the object mapper interface of the Java driver.
The workshop is aimed at software developers who want to use Cassandra in their applications, or want to know when to use Cassandra. No extensive experience in SQL is needed.
Basic operation and maintenance topics will be covered with focus on practical caveats. We will also go through a handy list of Do’s and Dont’s and mistakes we have made in our projects, so that you don’t have to.

● At least some programming experience, preferably Java or Scala

● Laptop running Linux, MacOS, or Windows.

● Latest Java 8 runtime and development kit installed.

● Java IDE such as IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, NetBeans, that can run Gradle projects.

● Some knowledge of Docker.

● Some knowledge of Linux and bash command line.

● Experience with SQL databases.

Underviser: Linas Zvirblis
Sprog: Engelsk
Varighed: 1 dag
Pris: 35.000 kr. ekskl. moms pr. dag. Max 12 deltagere.
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