DevOps workshop

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DevOps workshop


3.700,00 kr.

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In this workshop you will learn about devops and how it is interpreted in the Common Medicine Card project (FMK). FMK will be the main use-case during the workshop, but we will also build on our experiences from Secure Device Grid (SDG - IoT platform developed at Trifork).   The workshop will take you from software development to running a 24/7 highly available production system. You will learn why you should choose devops and the steps for implementation.   The workshop will be packed with recommendations based on practical experience, and we will share a few war stories about how logging saved us when creating a valid postmortem. 


Laptop running Linux, MacOS, or Windows.  

The workshop will go through:

  • Culture - the caring programmer
  • The why - business case
  • Development process
  • Log management - feel the hum
  • Monitoring
  • Tools - CI, CD, Orchestration
  • Issue management - issues, tasks, problems  

Demo's and hands on:

Orchestration: Ansible Create usable logs Log management: Humio

The workshop is aimed at software developers who want to speed up changes in production while keeping risks low.